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BSOD When Attempting To ALT+TAB Back Into Games

dusthawk 16 posts dusthawk Ignored Aug 7, 2010 Copy URL View Post I don't know if this will help Blizzard, but if I set displaymode=1 (Windowed Fullscreen) in my variables.txt I Also i dont wanna break something. This is extremely frustrating. My system specs are Win 7 64bit Intel Core 2 DUO 2.20 GHz 4GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5770 vaporx (with Catalyst 7.10 drivers) Did you try my workaround? his comment is here

Log in to join the conversation. Not every game offers full-screen windowed mode -- it's more common on newer games, so older games especially may not offer it. Broke link as it appears to contain malware. If there is one, then sorry.

I've updated both my NVIDIA and Intel drivers, but the problem persists. He's as at home using the Linux terminal as he is digging into the Windows registry. Use Full-Screen Windowed Mode: Full-screen windowed mode, also referred to as "Full screen (Windowed)" or "Windowed (Fullscreen)" mode, compromises between the two. View 10 AnswersView Related Windows 10 Alt-tabbing Problems Oct 6, 2014 I know Win10 has the multi desktop feature with that new button in the taskbar, but everything since Vista had

The real question here is why games run in this full-screen mode in the first place, if the full-screen mode itself is a problem. Ive tried it but to be honest im too dumb for it. View 5 AnswersView Related BSOD & Debug :: Attempted Execute Of No Execute Memory BSOD After Waking From Suspend Dec 26, 2015 I've installed Windows 10 in my computer yesterday just Published 02/8/14 DID YOU KNOW?Human beings are mostly water, but how much so depends on our age-babies are about 78 percent water, it drops to around 65 percent by their first

View 1 AnswersView Related Customization :: Seeing Window Titles/icons Only With Alt-tab, And Hovering Over Task Bar Mar 9, 2016 I am a long time windows 7 user. Is there a simpler way to just switch these 2 key combos? I did a search here found a possible solution with Autohotkey Script Manager. official site PixieDust 1395 posts PixieDust Ignored Aug 8, 2010 Copy URL View Post Random BSODs are random.

Windows doesn't just have to switch from one window to another when you press Alt+Tab. Join the Conversation Ignored Have something to say? I've tried to diagnose on my own but can't have kd, symbols and such working properly. Graphic drivers are the latests (just updated them) and the problem keeps happening..

But.. It's not very efficient but in older Windows I alt tabbed to the desktop to minimize everything, then open a web browser or watever. The game running in full-screen exclusive mode doesn't redirect its output through the desktop's display manager, so the desktop display manager can't display a preview. e.g.: 0x0000007F, 0x01234567, 0x89012345, 0xwhatever Additionally, your system may be producing a memory dump.

I've tried checks to the limit of my technical capabilities (checked disk and memory). this content Is there any soft out there that can do this, cycle through alt-tab at specific time intervals? It's never done this before, and i'm trying to think of what i may have done for this to occur, but nothing comes to me. Click Start Task Manager when the menu screen appears, select the frozen application in the Applications list, and end it.

I've tried searching the internet to no avail! BEST OF HOW-TO GEEK How to Encrypt Your Android Phone (and Why You Might Want to) 10 Quick Ways to Speed Up a Slow PC Running Windows 7, 8, or 10 Also note that I was having troubles with the fingerprint sensor driver fpsensor.sys beforehand, which I simply deleted since I do not use the sensor. weblink As a gamer, it is hard for me to play games on Windows 8.

I've looked at the on-screen keyboard and some keys are being pressed but I have no idea what's causing this to happen. Pressing Alt+Tab or the Windows key again may not help you if the game is misbehaving. The game will run a bit slower as it doesn't have exclusive access to your hardware, but this setting is often ideal if you have enough graphics power and want to

The option to start in safe mode ends up attempting to repair..

Just got my first win 10 laptop. A windowed game probably runs at a lower resolution than a full-screen game, so you're gaining some more performance there -- at the cost of a smaller game screen with less An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request. View 4 AnswersView Related Gaming :: Cant Alt-tab Into Or Out Of Games, Permentantly Stuck Nov 18, 2016 I have this recent annoying bug where if I alt tab out of

And set Alt-Tab to other Keycombination? Any recommendations? I'll attach a gif of what I mean (its hard to re-create for some reason.). check over here Everything has been working smoothly, apart from BSOD's which occur whenever I try tabbing back into a game I've minimized, mostly Skyrim.

I'm honestly considering downgrading to windows 7 now. However, the game is actually being rendered as a window -- without title bars and above your task bar, but a window nonetheless. These are exceedingly handy at getting to the root cause. This means you can squeeze the most gaming performance out of your graphics hardware by running the game in full-screen mode, and that's why games run in full-screen mode by default.

View 9 AnswersView Related BSOD & Debug :: BSOD Attempted Execute Of No Execute Memory Win8 Dec 26, 2014 I have trouble with my laptop, This is a win 8 fresh Why is Alt+Tabbing Out of a Full-Screen Game So Problematic? Just errors logged after an unexpected shutdown dusthawk 16 posts dusthawk Ignored Aug 7, 2010 Copy URL View Post So, it turns out that I get it anytime I try to Instructions for verifying that your computer is set to create a dump file are here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315263 You can also use this: http://majorgeeks.com/BlueScreenView_d6200.html to view the mini dump, though it won't be

You can see this in action when you have a game running in full-screen, exclusive mode. Never have i faced such issues back when i have winxp and win7. It has to minimize the game and start rendering the desktop again. I have the minidump logs below for the BSOD.