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Breaking Of The Left Hingeof Hp ENVY 17'


but I don’t know if I’ll still have to replace the hinges, I can’t tell. They are loud and full, and I found them to be very good for conference calling. Probably took me 4 hours total time and about $5 worth of materials to fix the lid mount points and the cracked bezel too! Thanks P1matt December 29, 2010 | Hey, My GF's DV9000 has all of a sudden started displaying black as a green colour and is distorting the screen image, i have ruled Check This Out

First take out the 2 top screws holding the arms to the cover. I guess all I need to know is whether or not I have dual or single lamps inside. Other than the screen and replacing those cables, I don't know whate else it could be. I believe this guide will work with some other HP Pavilion laptops even though replacement part numbers can be different. news

Hp Envy Hinge Fix

An external monitor works fine. I came across this website completely by accident only to find that the fault WAS covered up to 31 May 2009. I bought the hinges left and right dv9000 on EBAY.

Stephanie July 15, 2010 | Your instructions helped me a whole lot. Push the hinge to the fully open position very carefully ... 15 Step 15: Now depending on how bad your mounting holes were damaged, will effect how you do this step. well at least i thought it was just the right until the whole screen snapped and wont stay up on its own. Hp Envy 17 Left Hinge The tag on my video cable has the number "447986-001" which is not a hinge set at all.

Take a look at this maintenance and service guide for HP Pavilion dv9000 notebooks. Hp Envy 17 Hinge Repair Is that called the hinge too. So thanks again, you were a life saver. If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about thathere.

If you did grind down the face ofthe ... 18 Step 18: Final StepPut the 3 top screws and the 2 bottom screws back into LCDbezel into the laptop casing, then Hp Laptop Hinge Recall GKhello garth wow thats great they hooked you up right with your hinge problem. my laptop cant close anymore. The actual hinge didn't break, but the little rectangle shape protusion on the bottom that locks the hinge in place had broken off.

Hp Envy 17 Hinge Repair

It hits all the right marks for a great laptop: it’s thin, it’s light, it’s powerful, and it has great battery life.

Loading... Hp Envy Hinge Fix followed ur instructions to a tee and found to my dismay i also need a new display cover b/c the screwposts for the hinge cracked-ugh. Hp Envy Touchsmart 17 Hinge Repair Thoughts?

I was a little pissed that the hinges broke after the free replacement program but then again I hate having to send it off to other places (HP) to fix it http://evendirectory.com/hp-envy/broken-left-hinge-hp-envy-m6-n010dx-notebook-pc.html Did you use right size screws? If moving the cable affects image on the screen and you get more lines or the image clears, most likely the video cable is bad. IML Tech October 15, 2009 | Greg, I did this, but after I finished and turned the laptop back on, my display will only work on an external monitor. Hp Envy Left Hinge

DR anna September 23, 2010 | Hello, I am trying to fix my laptop with new hinges. So for under $100 I was able to fix this (a lot less then what HP was gonna charge me $250). Some LCD screens come with single lamp, others come with dual lamp. http://evendirectory.com/hp-envy/broken-left-hinge-on-envy.html Now it is very hard to close or open if some how it is closed.

Please try again later. Hp Envy 17 Bottom Cover I'm ready to run this thing over with a truck pretty soon… Again, thanks A LOT for the guide, it made life a lot easier than if I were trying to The Spectre x360 is a 13-inch convertible laptop that sits at the top of HP’s consumer range and starts at $1,049.

Now to get the LCD to function I have to grip the top left corner, squeeze just right, and apply some downward pressure.

ned January 24, 2010 | try araldite. If the backlight lamp goes bad, I would suggest replacing the whole screen. Any help or an estimate of in-shop repairs is appreciated Vitaliy March 24, 2010 | I have hp dv9533eg . Hp Envy 17 Hinge Problem In the weeks I’ve been using and testing the Spectre x360, I’ve struggled to find any deal-breakers with it; it’s really that good.

The new Spectre x360 looks at lot like

I will contact HP before my husband has to break out the tools... what do you think? Ken November 9, 2009 | Hey thanks a bunch. navigate here Maybe the video cable is not plugged correctly into the motherboard?

Chris March 26, 2010 | I did not have the hinge issue. It worked for me but I can not be held responsible for voiding your warranty or if you break your laptop any further because you tried my fix. http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r183/mentorken/?action=view&current=broke2.jpg Ken IML Tech November 9, 2009 | Ken, I need clarification on what is the HINGE. well at least i thought it was just the right until the whole screen snapped and wont stay up on its own.